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Libby Introduces Gastronomers to

Korean BBQ

Thursday, March 19th

An introduction to Korean BBQ!

For March, Libby Isaacman has selected Korean BBQ for our explorations. The traditional all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue approach involves diners cooking their own selected meats (beef, chicken, seafoods) at the table.  But the newly renovated Korea House also offers assorted sushi, soups, salads and the mandatory side-dishes in Korean dining: Banchan. Banchan is comprised of myriad unique pickled dishes of great variety and are, for some, the most exciting part of Korean cuisine.

A lot of food and fun, with plenty of options; all inclusive except for beverages.

To attend, click the dancing button above and mail your check for $31 to Libby Isaacman.

There is plenty of parking in the animal hospital parking lot next door.


     Korea House BBQ

     Date: 3/19/2020     Time: 5:30 pm

     Cost: $31       Group Limit: 24


       Korean House BBQ

       5305 University Dr.

       Irvine, CA. 92612


     Checks and questions:

       Libby Isaacman

       17 Buckthorn,

       Irvine, CA  92604


       (714) 883-0833

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